What is BeMine?

BeMine is a cloud mining service. Our users are mining cryptocurrencies remotely. They’re buying cloud contracts and ASIC miners in whole or in shares to distribute their production and maintenance with other users.
The machines are hosting in our partners’ mining hotels with a very competitive price for electricity that unavailable in most countries of the world. And for ease of use, maintenance fees are automatically deducted from profits.
A user purchases a miner or cloud contract and mining starts immediately. Profits are credited daily. Then a user can make a withdrawal request to receive his profits to any convenient BTC wallet.

BeMine key features

Moon ASICs instead of cloud contracts

We didn’t invent cloud mining. The idea of selling power for mining remotely is not quite new. But we’re bringing something different to the market – we’re selling a real equipment instead of time-limited contracts.

We simplified a cloud mining model: we sell equipment directly, rather than converting its mining hash power into time contracts. However, we also have classic cloud contracts for conservatives, but our specialty of the house is the sale of specific machines in shares.

We’ve been on the market since 2018, so we’ve been learned how it works. Real mining is a long run. So we don’t limit users in duration: the equipment is mining while it’s running! And your purchase is for a lifetime, instead of renting its hashrate for a couple of months. Cloud is clear now!

We wanted to make mining accessible to everyone, from businessmen and investors to students, housewives and hard workers around the world.

Therefore, we have simplified the mining process by taking over the hosting and maintenance, so the user can see the profit and his farm by simply logging into his personal account.

And we think we made it!
Low maintenance fee

Equipment is meaningless on its own: ASICs drain a lot of power, so they need a place with a cheap energy to make this process beneficial. We have resolved this part and host an equipment in right places.

Our secret is the Soviet legacy that has left a developed energy infrastructure and industrial facilities. We don’t need to build mining farms from scratch: it is enough just to re-equip the industrial buildings and adapt it for comfortable mining with everything necessary. And the developed power engineering allows to give extremely low cost price of the electric power.

All of this allows us to create more favorable conditions than competitors around the world, and include basic maintenance and hosting in one charge. And this fee is way lower than the prices for electricity in most countries of the world!
Affordable mining

Let’s be honest: ASIC miners are quite expensive, because they extract an expensive asset. Due to the high demand for bitcoin mining and the semiconductor crisis, today's miners cost several thousand dollars per one machine. Not as cheap as one might think, huh?

Realizing that this may not be affordable for many users, we came up with the idea of sharing ownership of miners with the possibility of subsequent purchase of shares in order to make it acceptable for everyone.

You can redeem a whole miner constantly, buying one share every month or at any convenient time, so that you can subsequently order delivery to your place if necessary.
Our own Pawã token

We have big plans for development, so we made our own token, giving its holder the opportunity to purchase the equipment at big discounts and maintain their equipment at a saving.

When the rounds of public sales within the service are completed, the token can be traded like any other cryptocurrency on exchanges or P2P.

There is more to come. Killer features coming soon!
Proven equipment

There are the most recognizable among miners and proven machines in our lineup.

They are available for purchase to start mining immediately, and for preorder, if an equipment is not yet in our hotels, ready to be connected.

We have reliable suppliers, so new equipment has a 6-month warranty from the manufacturer.

What do we end up with?

We have the opportunity to mine more profitably than anywhere else all over the world, so we share this ability with anyone who wants to join us.
The value of bitcoin rises in the long run, no matter how much it was buried at different times. But instead of buying fish, it's better to buy a fishing rod, right?
That's why we founded and developed our service special and handy. And we hope that it will be useful to you as it does for thousands of our users.
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We give new users 3 days of free mining on Antminer S19 PRO as a gift for their first purchase.
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