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The following Terms of Use of the service are not final, may be added or changed. Any disagreement of the user with the following information is the reason to stop providing services by the BeMine.club service unilaterally. If the user does not agree with any of the following, as well as further added conditions, he should stop using the service immediately.
Links to "Cryptocurrency" is a link to distributed, decentralized peer-to-peer digital currencies:

"Bitcoins" is a reference to a cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin;

"Altcoins" are references to all cryptocurrencies except bitcoins, such as Litecoin;

"Miners" are people who register for mining of bitcoins. If you successfully apply for the administration of a machine, you will become a miner;

"Mining Pool" is an organized association of cryptocurrency miners. The members of these associations work together for the mining of cryptocurrencies, and these cryptocurrencies are distributed among the members based on the contribution made to the mining by each participant;

"Mining equipment" is computer equipment owned by BeMine.club or service users, which is used to provide the Service and for mining cryptocurrencies;

"Hashrate" is the power of mining mining hardware used for mining cryptocurrencies.
"Service" is a cloud mining service BeMine.club that allows individual users to remotely mine cryptocurrencies for themselves using our own mining equipment and the Website;

"Support", "Helpdesk" is the BeMine.club technical support service, which is provided through the email / ticket system available in the knowledge base / FAQ where customers can find answers to common questions and request assistance by sending a request;

"Panel" is a graphical user interface of the Service, with which Miner interacts to perform all actions related to the Service;
"Website" means BeMine.club and any applications, software, emails or other websites that we use to provide bemine.club services (which includes the Service);

"Payout" is a periodic recharge, depending on your equipment, its hashrate, the size of the electricity charge and commission costs. BeMine.club can change the frequency of payments at any time.

"Tariffs" is a fee for maintenance and electricity, charged periodically from the balance;

"Account" is your personal access to the Service;

"Balance" is the balance of your personal account;

"Hold" is a state in which an Account can be placed, which does not allow the specified Account to make withdrawals, which is used as a security measure;

"Referral program" or "Affiliate program" is the functionality that allows the Client to receive financial rewards for ASICs acquired by other Clients;

"Referral Code" is an alphanumeric sequence that is associated with a Customer Account;

"Referral link" is a URL with a referral code or a QR code that allows a new Client to register with BeMine.club;

"Referral" is a Client who registered through the Referral link of another Client;

"Referrer" is a Client who registered another Client by his Referral link;

"Referral Purchase" or "Referral Purchase" is a purchase made by the Referral;

"Referral Bonus" is the reward that the Referrer receives for a referral purchase;

BeMine.club is an intermediary aggregator service. Mediation consists in charging commission fees from the user's payment amount (hereinafter referred "Client") in favor of purchasing mining equipment, placing this equipment in a partner organization (hereinafter "Hosting") or buying cryptocurrency, together with BeMine.club's partner services.//
The number of partnerships, as well as the legal names of hosting partners, are not disclosed and are confidential.
BeMine.club services are provided according to the principle "As they are", and the client cannot claim more opportunities than provided by this service.

Payment of goods and services in BeMine.club carried out in fiat currency (rubles, euros, dollars, yuan, etc.) occurs at the account of a Cryptoconsulting LTD in the international payment service Payeer, which, in turn, does not have to be a tax agent of any country.

The cost of goods and services that are paid by the user in fiat currency, without the participation of Payeer, is determined by the laws of the Russian Federation and may differ from the payment for goods and services indicated on the site using cryptocurrency.

Thus, the size of the mark-up on the cost of services paid by the national currency will be determined according to the laws of the Russian Federation and can be up to 40%, including tax charges.

Users are offered the services of exchanging fiat funds for Bitcoin cryptocurrency on a specified partner site. Information about the exchange procedure, partner organizations, etc., is also not disclosed.

If the amount of exchange exceeds 250,000 rubles, (4,000USD) the exchange can be divided into several stages.
It also provides for the functioning of the Fiat services BeMine.club carried out with the participation of Cryptoconsulting LTD. It consists in accepting the client's funds to the current account of Cryptoconsulting LTD, located and registered in the territory of the Russian Federation and conducting tax reporting in the Russian Federation. The organization, in turn, may be an intermediary in the transaction between the client and hosting. This legal entity is a Fiat intermediary of BeMine.club as service in the purchase and placement of mining equipment for hosting. If the client sees the need for the purchase and placement of equipment on the above conditions, you must contact the support service with the corresponding request, the current coordinates of which are available on the home page of the site.


- You must not mine, buy, sell, exchange, store, own or otherwise use or exploit cryptocurrencies in any way that is prohibited by laws or rules applicable to you.

- Cryptocurrencies may not be suitable for everyone. Before mining any cryptocurrency, you should find out about them to make sure that they suit you. As with all currencies, the use of cryptocurrency has its drawbacks. Some of the risks specific to cryptocurrency include:

- Currency fluctuation - the price of Bitcoin and / or any other cryptocurrency can fall sharply and even fall to zero;

- Transactions with cryptocurrencies may not be confirmed for a certain period of time. Although it is highly unlikely that some cryptocurrency transactions can never be confirmed - unconfirmed cryptocurrency transactions are not completed;

- Transactions with cryptocurrencies are irreversible - if you send any amount of cryptocurrency to the wrong person, you will not be able to return these funds;

- Cryptocurrencies may be lost if you lose or forget any PIN codes or passwords required to access and use these Cryptocurrencies;

- Unknown technical defects inherent in cryptocurrency;

- New regulations that affect the use of cryptocurrency.

- By agreeing to these terms of service or using cryptocurrencies using the Service, you indicate that you understand, are able to understand and accept the risks associated with cryptocurrencies.

Check in:

- By applying for registration, you accept these Terms of Use. After sending the application for registration, you can not withdraw your offer.

- Only the administration of the service can decide whether applications will be accepted. If your application is accepted, a legally valid agreement will be concluded between you and us. Subject to any legal rights you may have, you may not cancel the agreement covered by these terms of service and you will not be entitled to a refund.

Purchase and return of goods:
When paying for the purchase of mining equipment on BeMine.club, the client automatically reserves its own mining capacities (equipment), which are included in the work at the time of their purchase by the BeMine.club administration or service partners. In the event that power data is available, it is provided to the user immediately. If the indicated capacities are not found, their inclusion in the work and the start of reporting on equipment profitability in the client's personal account will be made within a reasonable time, most often not exceeding 7 days, at the time of purchasing the equipment and hosting it in the organization - partner.

The administration of BeMine.club is not responsible for delays in the supply of equipment, as well as for delays in connecting equipment, incorrectly provided data on any indicators of profitability and expenses for mining equipment.
The purchase of equipment on the site BeMine.club is due to payment services provided by the site administration or third-party organizations. All payments are instantaneous.

Immediately after the payment of mining equipment, the site administration begins to buy the corresponding mining facilities directly for the client. The serial number of each specific mining machine is fixed and assigned to each specific customer who paid for its purchase. Thus, the full binding of the payment to the mining equipment is guaranteed.

The user begins to receive payments immediately after his machine is connected and working properly. In this case, the user will be notified with the help of the corresponding entry in the personal account.

Return of goods occurs in accordance with the following algorithm:

1. The user leaves a request in the support service of BeMine.club to stop the investment. In the application, you must specify your contact details, as well as the full address of the recipient.

2. The site administration considers the application and requests additional information from the user or bills for the delivery of equipment with all the data of the delivery service, the cost of delivery and approximate terms.

3. Delivery of equipment is carried out within a reasonable time. Claims regarding the condition of the delivered equipment are presented to the delivery service of the equipment declared by the administration in paragraph 2.

Client equipment resale procedure:

Under the "resale" of equipment means stopping the operation of equipment and searching for secondary equipment of a third party - the buyer.

- The site administration independently chooses the cost of the resale equipment, based on personal convictions and knowledge of the current market for specific devices, in other words, independently sets the price for resale.

- As soon as the price for secondary equipment is assigned, the corresponding notification will be sent to the user in a personal account or by e-mail. This message means that the client is a buyer of secondary equipment found by the administration and a certain price has been agreed with it, which is indicated in the corresponding letter.

- If the conditions for the resale of equipment do not suit the user, he may resort to the procedure for returning the goods described above.

- Responding to this letter, the client affirmatively confirms the sale of the equipment at the agreed price. The sales report, together with the income, is sent to the user in the personal account and at the same time is ready for withdrawal.


The yield of the selected ASIC depends directly on the power of the equipment, the hashrate of the network of the target cryptocurrency, the cost of electricity and the commission charged by the administration of the service.

The site administration is not responsible for the expectations imposed on the service, declared or flimsy, and the user is invited to independently calculate the profitability of the equipment based on the data provided by the manufacturer site.
Energy costs should be considered as a key parameter for equipment profitability. The profitability calculator presented on BeMine.club website is not a source of true knowledge about equipment profitability. All revenues are shown in an approximate manner, are not constant and depend on a variety of mining-related conditions.


BeMine.club, as an Internet service, provides the following guarantees to its users:

- Safety and relevance of the warranty from the manufacturer for mining equipment

- We guarantee that your equipment will work stably for no more than 1 calendar month from the moment of its placement by us on hosting. Any breakdowns with the condition that the administration of the resource has come out of warranty are eliminated at the expense of the specific user - the owner of the equipment, and the cost of fixing the breakdowns can be written off from the funds that the user has already mined

- Timely, regular and professional maintenance of equipment, which may consist in transferring the right to provide the above services to more competent, in the opinion of the site administration, organizations - third parties, under legitimate conditions. Thus, claims for quality of service are addressed to this organization.

- Timely dispatch and return of goods

- Timely reaction to user requests, whether it is a request to the support service or a request to withdraw funds, purchase goods, return goods, resell goods and other services related to the functionality of BeMine.club

Commission costs:

Commission fees are charged by the administration of BeMine.club, regardless of the user's desire, are automatically charged and calculated in the bitcoin cryptocurrency. Costs may be charged, both in favor of the Internet resource BeMine.club and in favor of third parties - partners of the resource. Commission costs may consist mainly of payments for electricity and equipment maintenance.

In the event of unrecoverable damage to the equipment, which the site administration can confirm with LOG records from a particular miner, or may not confirm at all, the work of a specific piece of equipment will stop until the user pays for the repair or forever, depending on customer desires.

Commission fees may be charged to the user monthly or daily, depending on the decision of the site administration.
Denial of responsibility:


The administration of BeMine.club (hereinafter referred to as the "site") is not responsible for the safety of the user's mining equipment, as well as for the safety of the user's funds. The late provision of services by BeMine.club does not constitute a basis for any claims to the administration of the resource, to LLC Cryptoconsulting or partners of the resource.

All services provided by BeMine.club are carried out according to the principle "As they are".

The information specified on the site BeMine.club can not always correspond to reality, for which, in turn, the site administration, as well as the founders of Cryptoconsulting Ltd. are not liable.

BeMine.club is not responsible for any failures or delays resulting from any abnormal or unforeseen circumstances beyond our reasonable control, the consequences of which would be inevitable, despite all efforts to the contrary, including without limiting the actions of the government or acts of terrorism, earthquakes, fires, floods or other natural disasters, working conditions, delays or failures caused by problems with another system or network, mechanical breakdowns or failures in processing e data or when we are bound by other legal obligations.

We may amend any part of this Agreement at any time by publishing a revised version of this Agreement with an updated revision date. The changes will take effect and will be deemed accepted by you when you first use the Services after the initial publication of the revised Agreement and will be applied in future to transactions started after the date of publication. In case you do not agree with any such modification, your sole and exclusive means of protecting your rights is to stop your use of the Services and close your account. You agree that we are not liable to you or any third party for any damages incurred as a result of any change or addition to this Agreement.

Questions and additional information:

We often publish outage notices and other relevant information about services in our Twitter account: @ bemine.club, so we advise users to check it before contacting customer support.

To contact customer support, go to the appropriate tab in your personal account and open the ticket. Please provide all necessary information, including your username BeMine.club and transaction identifiers for any associated deposits. Although we make no representations or make any guarantees regarding the speed of response, we will contact you as soon as possible.

The information on this site is not a commercial offer and should not be considered as a commercial offer for the purchase of securities, commodities or other financial products. In addition, the information on this site does not constitute investment advice. We do not guarantee that any goals, assumptions, expectations and / or tasks specified or implied on this site will be fully realized, and that any actions or activities will be carried out exactly as described on this site.
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