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Bitcoin rewards

PAWĀ Token rewards

Unlock PAWĀ token rewards as a part of our exclusive referral program, giving you a stake in our company's native token and its potential growth.

Active hash-power rewards

Tap into the advantages of active hash-power rewards, optimize your mining efficiency and boost your earning potential with dynamic referral system.
Get a lot more of BTC rewards with our unique two-level referral program, boosting the profitability of your mining capacities.

Diverse opportunities await you!

For whom
Monetize your audience through collaboration with a reliable company
  • Collaborate with a reliable company for a long-term partnership where your success and theirs are mutually dependent
  • Unlock the potential for significant earnings by introducing your followers to innovative opportunities in the cryptocurrency world.
Generate additional income even without investments
  • Start earning additional income without investing your own funds in cloud mining.
  • Ideal for cryptocurrency newcomers, offering earning opportunities without complex investments.
  • Maximize your income using the program's features, even if you lack experience in mining.
Funds for Referral Royalties are taken from the total income from the sale of mining equipment and the allocated number of tokens. As soon as a new user joins the platform via a referral link and purchases mining power, the user who sent this link receives a bonus, which is subtracted from the total income from the sale of mining equipment.

Referral program has two levels

2nd level
You receive a reward for the operations of a user attracted by your level 1 referral
1st level
You receive a reward for the operations of a user who registered through your link
Income can also be used to purchase equipment
BeMine platform withdrawal fee is 0%
  • User A attracts user B to the platform using their unique referral link.
  • User B purchases mining power for $15,000, which generates 15% profit for the company and 6% of the total sales amount as a referral bonus.
  • User A receives $900(in BTC) as a referral bonus + $1,200(in PAWA), which is deducted from the total revenue from the sale of mining equipment.
Example calculation
These examples are not an exact calculation, as the percentage of referral bonus and the conditions for its accrual may be changed by the company depending on the season, promotions, and other factors.
The minimum withdrawal is 0.005 BTC
Withdrawal processing time is 48-72 hours

You are set in 5 minutes

How to participate
Send the link directly or paste it into a post
Receive commission within 24 hours after the referral's purchase
Go to the referral program tab and copy your unique link
2-level referral program with up to 30% royalties
Receive a bonus for attracting new users to the platform.
Have a question?
Contact support
Technical support staff will respond to your questions and assist you in the referral program. Available every day via chat, email, and messengers.
Average response time - 10 minutes
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