Hosting ASIC Miners and GPU Farms
The cost of $0.057 kW/h
Legal cleanliness and reliability
BTC Pool refunds
Leave a request on the site, tell us the number and model of your equipment, and we will find you the best deal.
We accept all equipment under a custody agreement. Sign your contract electronically in PDF to get started right away. We'll mail you the originals by mail.
Send the equipment to any transport company convenient for you. If you're in Moscow, you can bring the equipment yourself.
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How to host your ASIC miners?
Our data centres
The cost of "light" is $0.057 kW/h

4 data centers with a capacity of 70 mW/h
Security and service is FREE
Monitor your account in real-time
Equipment delivery to the data center for FREE
Automatic payment of electricity from your account
The cost of electricity is the basis of mining. Therefore, the price for "light" directly affects your payback period. Our rates are the best on the market and the cheapest in Russia, and we continue to look for ways to provide our services and save you money to maximize your profits.
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I'm newbee in cloud mining. The customer support service is working well. Thank you for your patience and time!)
Cody Parsons
For all the time I have worked, I haven't had a negative experience. Good service. One of the few...
Vicki B.
Thank you for the opportunity to earn! After a year of using the service, I can only recommend that you make the technical support chat around the clock.
Katherine O.
TrustScore 4.2
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