Maximize your mining fleet's hashrate and profitability with AI

BeMine AI mining

AI algorithms fine-tune mining parameters to Boost hash rates and efficiency, ensuring high returns from cryptocurrency mining.
Maximized performance
Smart algorithms optimize power usage, cutting operational costs and minimizing environmental impact
Reduced consumption
AI-equipped rigs adjust to market fluctuations, maintaining optimal performance under any conditions
Adaptive solutions


Wonderful "tres AI amigos"!
Altcoin ASICs Optimization
AI Boost for Mining Package
ASICs AI Boost
Our AI algorithm continuously analyzes real-time market data and mining difficulty, switching your altcoin to the most profitable coins. This is very useful when the altcoin for which you purchased an ASIC is currently not relevant. The intuitive dashboard allows you to visually assess changes in profitability and compare them to less lucrative algorithms, providing you with full transparency and control.

Average performance increase of up to 520%*

Altcoin ASICs Optimization

Available Miners:

Altcoins for Optimisation:

*The data may vary depending on the current profitability on the presented algorithms.
Antminer Z15
Antminer E9 PRO
Antminer L7
ETH Classic
Tailored to different power levels, our AI optimizes energy consumption while Boosting mining profits. Whether you’re using powerful, or ultimate configurations, you can achieve superior mining efficiency with real-time electricity use monitoring and strategic switching.

Average performance increase of 20%

AI Boost for Mining Package

Available for Mining Packages:


Coming soon

AI “chip like” Boost directly from your dashboard to supercharge specific ASIC models by 25-35% for up to six months

How to activate

Look for
in the store and in your personal area
blue labels
Look for blue labels in the store and in your personal account

Altcoin ASICs optimization

  1. If your ASIC supports AI features, you will see a label on it.
  2. Click on the optimization button on your ASIC.
  3. Choose which ASICs to optimize and activate the subscription. Optimization will start immediately after activation.
  4. Great! Track the statistics after your purchase in your personal area.

Easier than ever

AI Boost for Mining Package

Unlock the power of AI Boost with our contracts! Experience enhanced performance with AI Boost, available with Professional and Ultra packages.

Truly easier than ever


Fair prices with no surprises

Altcoin ASICs Optimization

AI switches your ASIC to the most profitable coins
Available products: Antminer Z15, Antminer E9 PRO, Antminer L7
Cost: Subscription $15/mo for Z15 4.2Ksol, $49/mo for E9 PRO 2.2Gh and $229/mo for L7 9.5Gh
From $15
Cancel anytime

AI Boost for Mining Package

Using AI to optimize mining and energy use at different Bitcoin prices
Available products: Professional and Ultra Mining Package
Cost: Free
Goes with Package


Boost your BTC ASIC models by 25-35% with AI-powered chips directly from your dashboard!
Coming soon
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Average response time - 10 minutes
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