Unleash mining with Pawa Token - Become a part of first ever NFT farm

Throughout our entire activity, BeMine has been providing a brand new Сloud mining service. We have achieved remarkable success in providing cryptocurrency mining services, as well as gained diversified experience in this industry. And also - we made important conclusions, as we would like to share with you.
The Pawā concept could change the cloud mining industry: allowing new people and cash flows to come into cryptocurrency mining, and also seriously impacting the reliability and profitability of mining as a business: first of all, including the possibility of safekeeping and increasing your investment capital.

The financial world is irreversibly changing due to the emergence of distributed ledgers and transaction confirmation algorithms. BeMine is at the heart of these changes, therefore is able to adapt to constantly changing conditions and is a reliable partner in the digital finance market.

BeMine entering DeFi will mark a new milestone in the industry of block decryption, will give unprecedented transparency and security to the cryptocurrency mining industry.

What next?



The first 120 millions Pawā tokens were sold in April 2021 by the company's VIP clients who participated in the private round of the token sale. The token price at the time of the private sale was $0.01. Now we are going to hold another 5 public rounds for the sale of Pawā before the release of our token in centralized and decentralized trading.

Over the next five public rounds, tokens will be sold 50/50 in two ways:

• BeMine personal account
• Liquidity pools on DEX
Сonsequently, it becomes obvious that with the retention of the current growth rates of competing companies, BeMine will become the industry leader in 12-18 months.
and also save up to 45% on purchases and services

Become a HODLER of PAWĀ and participate in marvellous journey of the best cloud mining service in the world

120,000,000 Pawā Angels
Round 1 - $0,024 per Pawā - 5,000,000 Pawā
Round 2 - $0,05 per Pawā - 15,000,000 Pawā
Round 3 - $0,08 per Pawā - 25,000,000 Pawā
Round 4 - $0,2 per Pawā - 50,000,000 Pawā
Round 5 - $0,24 per Pawā - 100,000,000 Pawā
165,000,000 Pawā locked till exchange listing
Angels lockup
Team lockup
Research&Development | HashEX - NFT based ultimate ASIC hashpower exchange
Research&Development of Mining infrastructure in mid-Russia
Researches&Development of alternative electricity sources in Siberia
Bounties, rewards, giveaways
Hardware Solutions
ASIC Performance Software
When talking about the cloud mining industry, we must not forget that BeMine is not the only reliable service. We believe that a sense of the market starts with an understanding of sellers and buyers. Therefore, from the very first day of work, BeMine researches its colleagues. An active competitive environment encourages the most subtle sense of customer requests, as well as timely response to them. In order not to cross the personal boundaries of the founders of competing companies, we will designate the most reliable companies in our opinion as A, B (BeMine) and C, however, these companies are recognizable if the market analysis is done. Also, related metrics will be indicated as a percentage for ease of perception.
In preparation for the upcoming token sale, we developed, tested and validated marketing hypotheses. When they are applied, BeMine will move to a brand new level of customer interaction. As you can see from the graphs above, BeMine has the prospects of scaling without attracting advertising and only due to organic results at least ten times per year. With the activation of our marketing campaign, this figure can increase dozens of times.


Not only the owners of the equipment – the mining hotels are also fragile. Equipment breakdowns, accidents, insolvency of customers – all this put private and public hotels at the risk of bankruptcy and premature closure.

Mining hotels also
run the risk.

However, this is impossible, due to the fact that there are only 21 million Bitcoins. And halving reduces the profitability from mining every 4 years by half. At the same time, more than 18.7 million coins have already been mined.

Users want to
mine more.

Almost everyone can begin to place and maintain equipment with a minimum set of conditions and the availability of cheap electric power. This provides incredible possibilities for organizing services of private mining hotels.

Mining cryptocurrency
has never been easier.

Russia inherited many industrial enterprises and structures from the Soviet Union. This allows its residents to create excellent conditions for mining cryptocurrency.

Mining in Russia is a
strategic opportunity.

And mining profit continues to decline. This happens due to halving and will always be so until the last coin is mined in 2140. The more of us – the less each of us will mine Bitcoins. We have to hurry up.

Difficulty of the network
continues to grow.

In recent years, the relevance of cloud mining has been continuing to grow as the Bitcoin network spreads around the world.

Cloud mining today is in all-time
greatest demand.

Pawā is a Multifunctional Utility Token. It provides cost-cutting options for equipment owners and those who didn’t purchased any ASIC machine yet. It also will become the main part of HashEX and the BeMine staking protocol.
A purchase with Pawā tokens can lower the cost of the machine and its maintenance by up to 45%! This significantly accelerates the payback of mining.
To mine Bitcoin, you need equipment for decrypting transaction blocks – ASIC miners. In addition to the streamlined service, the cheapest electricity energy in the world and the quick response of the support service – now we have Pawā, with which the purchase of equipment and services for mining are possible with great discounts.

Why token?

There is no answer to this question without delving into the internal economy of BeMine and objective public metrics with the marketing indicators of our competitors.

BeMine's user base as of November 2021 exceeds 100,000 users from all over the world. The company's marketing policy is now frozen – we are not expanding the list of advertising platforms and the pace we gain new clients is modest. We have not yet appeared on many listing platforms, we are not engaged in targeting and contextual advertising. So far, we have enough current volumes for maintenance and growth

As of November 2021, we have increased the incoming traffic of site visitors by 500% per month compared to January 2021.

Registrations make up approximately 10-15% of all visits per day.

Why will this work?

120,000,000 Pawā Angels
Round 1 - $0,024 per Pawā - 5,000,000 Pawā
Round 2 - $0,05 per Pawā - 15,000,000 Pawā
Round 3 - $0,08 per Pawā - 25,000,000 Pawā
Round 4 - $0,2 per Pawā - 50,000,000 Pawā
Round 5 - $0,24 per Pawā - 100,000,000 Pawā
165,000,000 Pawā locked till exchange listing
Angels lockup
Team lockup
HashEX - NFT based ultimate ASIC hashpower
Mining infrastructure in mid-Russia
Alternative electricity sources in Siberia
Bounties, rewards, giveaways
Hardware Solutions
ASIC Performance Software
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Instant online purchases, on average, are made by 35-45% of registered users. The average purchase price is $250-750.

On the graph you can see the traffic growth for the period from October 2021 up to October 2021, according to the forecasts of our marketers. The naked eye can see the potential of coverage with a competent advertising policy of the service.
1,200,000,000 Pawā