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Welcome to our BeMine user guide.

BeMine sells and hosts mining equipment – ASIC miners, and cloud contracts for mining remotely. The equipment is hosted in our hotels with a quire beneficial price for electrical power that unavailable in most countries of the world. The miner can be bought as a whole or in share parts, dividing its production and maintenance between users. Unlike contracts he term for the purchase of equipment is not limited in time by the service.
Sign Up
To start, you’ll need to register with BeMine first. Enter the email by which your account will be authorized. Press Registration.
After registration, you will be taken to your personal BeMine account. Let's see what we have here.
Home and overview
In the Home section, you can see the current BeMine balance, cryptocurrency rates and transaction history. Here you can top up your balance or withdraw minted funds.
Adding balance
The internal economy of the service is in BTC. You can buy equipment for Bitcoin. To top up your balance, click Add +.
To top up your balance with bitcoins, select Crypto, enter your desired amount in BTC, then click Pay BTC. For example, let's deposit 1 BTC.
Next, you will see a bitcoin address. You need to transfer the required amount of BTC to it from any convenient wallet.
To top up the balance, we will use a wallet in the popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance just for example. You can also use any convenient bitcoin wallet. You need to enter the address indicated on the page and select the BTC Bitcoin network. By the way, please note that the Bitcoin transaction fee may be deducted from the transaction and make sure that the fee will not be deducted from the amount sent to the service.
Cryptocurrency will be credited to your balance within 45 minutes. The term for adding cryptocurrency depends on the workload of the Bitcoin network and the commission that was specified when sending.
Here we go! The balance is credited.
Please never use the same BTC address for deposit twice! The service system takes a new bitcoin address for each new deposit. Using the same address twice may result in the loss of funds in the system. Therefore, it is necessary to go through this procedure again for any new transaction to your balance.
In order to top up your BeMine balance with dollars, euros and other fiat currencies – select Fiat, enter the desired amount in BTC, click Pay and follow the Interkassa instructions further.
There’s another way to deposit with Fiat funds if you don’t have a BTC wallet yet: crypto exchanges. Let's take Coingate as an example, it’s a well-known exchange for trading cryptocurrencies. There you can buy Bitcoin with a credit or debit card and then top up your balance with it.
To deposit by using this feature, we need to select Crypto instead of Fiat, because we will credit some BTC within the service. Let’s use BTC address that we’ve got previously to send bitcoin to the account and set the amount of euros we want to deposit. We can also set the amount of BTC to see how much euros we should pay for it.
Then we need to choose the way we want to pay for bitcoin to send it to the address. Let’s click on Credit/Debit card to proceed.
Now we need to fill every field with our bank card data and then click Next.
There are more bars we have to fill to make our payment. It contains some billing details for verification. After completing this step we need to click on Pay now button.
Finally! Here we got 4-digits code to our email that should be entered in the Verify your email window.
And we're done! Bitcoin that we just bought will be transferred to our account through the address that we used for deposit.
Sometimes Coingate needs an additional verification for the large amounts of funds, known as KYC. This is a normal practice for crypto exchanges to avoid money laundering, so follow the instructions if verification is required.
Now that we have deposited some funds, we can buy a hash power in the Shop section.
This is our Shop. Here you can purchase miners by parts or cloud contracts and also some Pawã tokens. There is no much difference between equipment shares and mining contracts. Whole machines are purchased forever and are welcome to be shipped to your local farm or storage. While contracts are purchased for a specific period of time and are not attached to specific equipment. Maintenance fees take place at one of the lowest prices in the cloud mining market. For the convenience of the user, it already includes hosting, basic maintenance and power energy consumption.
Here you can see our bitcoin miners. For affordability, we sell miners in parts to share with other users. They can be bought indefinitely and will work as long as the equipment is running and maintained. New models come with a warranty. If the equipment is marked as [USED] – it’s not a subject of the warranty.
You can see our Pre-orders, Cloud contracts and altcoin miners for Ethereum and ZCash below.
Toggling the USD/BTC icon will show prices in United States Dollar or Bitcoin.
Let's purchase 40/100 parts of the new S19 Pro. We need to select 0.4 parts of 1 whole S19 Pro and add the purchase to the cart. After adding the desired number of parts, we can go to the shopping cart to place an order.
Our shopping cart works in the same way as in the usual online stores. The only difference is that we have Bitcoin payments only.
Here you can make sure that the purchase and quantity correspond to what you want and enter the promo code, if you have one. Click the Checkout button to go to the payment page.
Next, we need to confirm the order by clicking on the Checkout button.
Payment cleared and the order completed. Now we can check our purchase in the My Farm section. Our processes are so automated that mining starts immediately after completing an order. Let’s see what we’ve got.
My Farm
The My farm section will collect all the equipment and contracts that have been purchased. We can see the hashrate and power consumption window according to 0.4 parts of our S19 Pro.
You can see your transaction history in more detail at the main page. By clicking on the stopwatch icon with an arrow, you can see the history of the movement of funds within the account.
Profits are credited daily. Also, expenses for maintenance are deducted daily in accordance with the power consumed by the equipment or contracts. The average score for 0.03 parts of T17+ and 0.14 S17+ in history looks something like this.
To withdraw your profit, click the Withdraw button in the Home section and register a BTC wallet for withdrawing funds. This feature excludes the possibility of stealing the funds by third parties.
Select Address management to add a new address.
Next, click Add new address. Enter your wallet address and give it a name. Then click Save and wait for the confirmation of the address. It usually only takes a few hours.
After the wallet is confirmed, make a withdrawal request by selecting this wallet and specify the amount you want to withdraw. Fill a reCaptcha field and click Send to complete a withdrawal request.
As soon as the withdrawal is verified by the system, you will receive your funds to your wallet!
Pawã token
BeMine also have some bonuses for early birds of Pawa token, while ICO is going. After 5th Round of the tokensale, much more additional benefits would be introduced. For example, big discounts on the purchase of miners like Antminer S19 Pro and T17+ are already in stock, while exchanging or withdrawing of Pawa won't be available until the end of tokensale. Therefore, purchasing Pawã with a medium to large investment in equipment could be a very far-sighted investment.
Learn more about our Pawã tokens
Contact us and FAQ
You can also contact us in the Contacts tab, and in the FAQ section you can see questions that we are often asked. We recommend to take a look at them if something remains unclear. Or you can just ask us!
You can also see our analytics and announcements in our Twitter account and Telegram channel there. Feel free to subscribe it to receive news and special offers!
We hope our user guide was helpful and will make your use of the service more pleasant. We also wish to see bitcoin on the moon, network difficulty at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, and happy mining to all of us!
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We give new users 13 days of free mining on Antminer S19 PRO as a gift for their first purchase.
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