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Updates on Trial ASIC

Greetings fellow BeMiner!
A bit of basics…
FREE TRIAL — a tool for getting acquainted with cryptocurrency mining that has long been popular with both us and our users. We were the first among similar companies to provide FREE TRIAL ASIC, and from experience we know that this experimental method has helped many people and companies around the world decide whether they are ready to start mining cryptocurrency or whether they need more time to think of it.
From the very first day, we wanted to make TRIAL ASIC a simple, understandable, and useful journey for everyone who wants to mine cryptocurrency online.
Today, we are pleased to present the updated functionality available to both beginners and long-time registered BeMine users.

Starting with "Shop" section

Our exceptionally designed Shop section.
Every time a user has access to a trial miner, they can find it in the "Shop" section, under the list of miners for SHA-256 Bitcoin miners. Assembling a TRIAL ASIC is completely free and only requires a few clicks.
Look at this balanced color palette.
Select the TRIAL option. Its price should be listed as FREE. Then, add the miner to your cart and proceed to check if your TRIAL is ready.
S19XP is the mightiest air-cooling Antminer device.
Great! We’re half-way done!
As you can see the price of TRIAL is 0 BTC.
Now Checkout and you’re good to go!
We need all this confirmations to exclude accidental purchases.
The status of your order will be sent to the email associated with your account.
That's it.
TRIAL ASIC will be added at the bottom of the MyFarm list. Details about its status can be revealed by simply tapping on it.
There you are.
Now that your TRIAL ASIC is connected and minting free Satoshis out of the Blockchain for you, let's figure out how to squeeze the MAXIMUM PROFIT out of the circumstances.
First, check your Inbox regularly - very important notifications about the farm status, further TRIAL conditions, and Special Offers will appear there.


Let's get straight to the point - as you should already know, TRIAL ASIC has a time limit - only 5 days of free mining. Well, a little bit of good!
But we always want a little more, don't we? Let's figure it out!
Let's assume that during this time TRIAL ASIC will mine N BTC. At the time of calculation, according to, it's around 0.003055.
Credited from
A very worthy result, and in such a short time! ~$80 in pure profit out of nowhere!
However, if you carefully monitor your Incoming emails, you should have noticed an email offering to extend the trial for an additional 76 hours.
And again, + 3/5 N (+0.001833 BTC) to your deposit is a very positive addition, isn't it? To extend the trial, you need to top up your Personal Account balance by an amount of $50 (0.001799 BTC at the time of calculation).
After these manipulations, your balance will already be around N + 3/5N (0.003632BTC = about $120!) - enough for a confident start in mining!
We're almost done!
And your advantages don't end just here - BeMine also offers the opportunity to DOUBLE (!!!!!!!) your TRIAL ASIC.
Why? Because we know you've been needing an experience like that for a long time. You mint it - the thing doubles itself - we're all good about that, don't we?
Love. Live. Decrypt. Grab. Gifts.
To activate DOUBLING of TRIAL ASIC, you need to make a purchase in your Personal Account for at least $250, which is quite easy if you have been mining BTC all this time. So it’s 2N + 3/5N — which means — a bunch of free Bitcoins!
And the "cherry on top" is that after you DOUBLED TRIAL mining and, for example, purchase an Antminer S19XP [140 Th/s], you instantly get an additional 140Th/s to the power of your farm! That's a whopping 280 Th/s at once!
We call it "Purchase Doubling" and this works with any ASIC, ANY purchase over $150, how do you like it?!
We bet — a lot!
See those beautiful lines of metal plated Fuji San? it is our pride - PAWA token. one day it will be the worlds biggest mining currency, but today it is still going through an ICO. Feel free to join PAWA FAMILY!
Not enough?
AFTER THAT we AGAIN can DOUBLE but now any PAWA TOKEN purchase of yours that exceeds $1000!
We hope that’s enough of DOUBLING for today? 😀
Enjoy our UPDATED TRIAL ASIC, join the cryptocurrency mining and PAWA family, speculate, earn profits, save and multiply your gains!
Remember, you are in control and you make the decisions. The BeMine team recommends responsible investment decisions and making them independently.
This Guide is created for educational purposes and is not investment advice. Contact BeMine Customer Technical Support Department to make sure if you can use the Service. Mining is a highly volatile business and can sometimes bring both high profits and high speculative risks.
Carefully study cryptocurrencies, mining, investments, and related disciplines before starting speculation.
We wish you high rewards, easy blocks, and good luck!