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Antminer S21 & S21 Hyd – Next-Level Mining Power!

Greetings, BeMiners!

Get ready to meet Bitmain's latest creations: the Antminer S21 and its advanced sibling, the Antminer S21 Hyd. These models are not just upgrades; they're technological marvels in the world of cryptocurrency mining.

Antminer S21 - The Air-Cooled Powerhouse

The Antminer S21 is a force to be reckoned with. It features a hashrate of 200 TH/s and a power efficiency of 17.5 J/TH, all while maintaining a power consumption of 3500W. This model is specifically designed for SHA-256 algorithm coins like Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Bitcoin SV (BSV). It operates efficiently within a temperature range of 0 to 45°C and a humidity range of 10 to 90%. Compact and robust, the Antminer S21 measures 400mm x 195mm x 290mm and weighs approximately 15.4kg.

Antminer S21 Hyd - The Liquid-Cooled Leader

For those seeking even higher efficiency, the Antminer S21 Hyd steps up the game. It boasts an impressive hashrate of 335 TH/s and a top-notch power efficiency of 16.0 J/TH. The power consumption is higher at 5360W, but it's compensated by the advanced liquid cooling system. The S21 Hyd operates within a temperature range of 5 to 45°C and also targets SHA-256 algorithm coins. In terms of size, it's slightly more compact than its air-cooled counterpart, measuring 339mm x 163mm x 207mm and weighing about 12.3kg.

Daily BTC Production

As for the daily production of BTC coins, the Antminer S21 generates about $13 per day while Hyd version’s production is much higher — up to $30 per day in the current market scenario.

These two models represent Bitmain's commitment to innovation and efficiency in the mining sector. Whether you prefer the traditional air-cooling approach with the Antminer S21 or the advanced liquid-cooled efficiency of the S21 Hyd, both models are engineered to maximize your mining productivity while balancing power consumption. Stay ahead in the mining game with these latest offerings from Bitmain!