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SCAM Alert! PR on Bitmanu by team BeMine

Greetings, fellow BeMiners!
Not long ago, there were reports online indicating that the company Bitmanu had closed its website, and many mentions of Bitmanu disappeared from the internet. There were even discussions on Reddit about a potential scam.
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The BeMine team was among the first to make a payment for a pre-order batch of equipment from Bitmanu. It was not the least role in this that the most trusted publications, including Financial Post and Yahoo Finance, wrote about Bitmanu.
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While waiting for the equipment to be delivered, we made efforts to establish contact with the company owners as well as other companies that had placed pre-orders with Bitmanu.
Unfortunately, representatives from Bitmanu have ceased all communication with us. At BeMine, we recognize the significance of reputation in the mining industry, and in such a challenging situation, we couldn't afford to be perceived negatively.
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We are delighted to inform you that we have acquired 90% of the Bitmanu pre-orders made through the BeMine website. The remaining users will soon be transferred to new machines. Funds are safe.
We took this action as a goodwill gesture, considering it the fairest choice among the available options.
Currently, we are gathering KYC (Know Your Customer) information for collective statements to be addressed to Bitmanu's management, as well as to provide our users' information to the authorities for investigation purposes. We have also discovered a strange connection between the company Bitmanu and a certain Bitramo. It is possible that these companies are related to each other or have common founders.
If you have been affected by Bitmanu, please reach out to the BeMine customer support team.