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Fundada a principios de 2018, BeMine es una empresa minera única basada en los principios de transparencia, seguridad y un enfoque moderno del uso de la electricidad.

La empresa permite minar criptomonedas en línea sin la participación directa del propietario del equipo. El servicio une a los centros de datos y a los propietarios de los equipos para la minería conjunta de criptomonedas. Se invita a los propietarios de hoteles mineros a asociarse, mientras que a los propietarios de equipos se les invita a colocarlos en los centros de datos asociados.

BeMine también permite comprar hasta 1/100 de una acción de un ASIC específico a un precio razonable, lo que puede ser una forma muy útil de comenzar a minar monedas sin tener que comprar al completo una máquina costos a. Sin embargo, también puede comprar ASIC con entrega a domicilio.

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The company

KobakLab is a development studio creating innovative products in the field of IT and robotics since 2014. The company is making software development, hardware and software systems, as well as integrated project management. The portfolio includes more than 120 projects in total.
GMT Legal

GMT Legal is a leading law firm in Russia and the CIS in the field of IT, FinTech, Gamedev. Since 2017, we have provided legal support for more than 300 blockchain projects on corporate structure, tax optimization and licensing in the USA, EU countries and Asia. GMT Legal is included in the Russian and international rankings of Chambers and Partners (FinTech Legal), Pravo-300 (Digital Economy), Best Lawyers.
Unistar mining

Unistar, founded in Shenzhen, China, is one of the first institutions in China to engage in bitcoin-related investment activities. In 2015, we built our first mining farm in Sichuan Province, China. With the development of this business, we have established close partnerships with more than 500 mining farm owners around the world, and successively built 6 new mining farms with our partners in the United States, Russia, Thailand and Indonesia. As of June 2022, we have sold more than 420,000 used miners and more than 160,000 brand new miners to the world. With the rapid growth of our business, Unistar has developed into an important partner of Bitmain (Antminer), MicroBT(Whatsminer), Canaan (Avalon).
Roman Rubtsov
Serial entrepreneur. For more than 10 years, has successfully interacted with clients from various industries, including energy, mechanical engineering, and information technology. Brought several new products to the market from the moment the idea was formed to the signing of the first contracts. Expert in the development and implementation of product strategies. Always open to everything new. Roman is focused on results, personally demonstrates the possibility of achieving the most ambitious goals. Certificates: IPMA Level A®, Yellow belt.
Alexey Reznechenko
Alexey has over 20 years of experience in high-tech, service and manufacturing, B2B industries. Has held executive and management roles between finance, investor relations, sales and operations in FSU, United Kingdom and United States. Holds MBA from California State University. Most recently worked as VP financial planning and analysis at Baker Hughes covering FSU and Continental Europe. Currently works as a CFO for a Russian (Eastern Europe based) pipeline automation company.
Andrey Tugarin
Education: Peoples' Friendship University of Russia with a Master's degree in jurisprudence. Qualification: Civil, arbitration process. Received advanced training under the auspices of the World Intellectual Property Organization. Work experience: Member of INTA and FICPI, experience in the field of protection and protection of intellectual property since 2008. Since 2017, he has led the legal support of more than 100 blockchain projects on corporate structure, tax optimization and licensing in the USA, EU countries and Asia. Participant of significant events in the world of Fintech and Blockchain.
Anton Kobak
CEO Kobak Lab
Creation and development of a laboratory for the formation, development and commissioning of technological products and software. Competence in software, neural networks, mechanics and electronics. Specialization:
  • Video analytics;
  • Robotics;
  • Software and hardware systems;
  • Web applications;
  • Medical equipment.
  • More than 100 projects have been successfully completed
  • Development of 7 products that subsequently entered the market
  • 4 patents have been registered

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