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Not only the owners of the equipment – the mining hotels are also fragile. Equipment breakdowns, accidents, insolvency of customers – all this put private and public hotels at the risk of bankruptcy and premature closure.

Mining hotels also
run the risk.

However, this is impossible, due to the fact that there are only 21 million Bitcoins. And halving reduces the profitability from mining every 4 years by half. At the same time, more than 18.7 million coins have already been mined.

Users want to
mine more.

Almost everyone can begin to place and maintain equipment with a minimum set of conditions and the availability of cheap electric power. This provides incredible possibilities for organizing services of private mining hotels.

Mining cryptocurrency
has never been easier.

Russia inherited many industrial enterprises and structures from the Soviet Union. This allows its residents to create excellent conditions for mining cryptocurrency.

Mining in Russia is a
strategic opportunity.

And mining profit continues to decline. This happens due to halving and will always be so until the last coin is mined in 2140. The more of us – the less each of us will mine Bitcoins. We have to hurry up.

Difficulty of the network
continues to grow.

In recent years, the relevance of cloud mining has been continuing to grow as the Bitcoin network spreads around the world.

Cloud mining today is in all-time
greatest demand.

Pawā is a Multifunctional Utility Token. It provides cost-cutting options for equipment owners and those who didn’t purchased any ASIC machine yet. It also will become the main part of HashEX and the BeMine staking protocol.
A purchase with Pawā tokens can lower the cost of the machine and its maintenance by up to 45%! This significantly accelerates the payback of mining.
To mine Bitcoin, you need equipment for decrypting transaction blocks – ASIC miners. In addition to the streamlined service, the cheapest electricity energy in the world and the quick response of the support service – now we have Pawā, with which the purchase of equipment and services for mining are possible with great discounts.

Why token?